Brazil inflation

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Understand the Brazilian Inflation Index

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Brazil’s inflation is on the rise. When will it return to normal?

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Gripen NG Risk click to view full Weaknesses:. BRASILIA (Reuters) - Consumer prices in Brazil likely stagnated in August as a slow economic recovery continued to weigh on employment, a Reuters poll showed, suggesting the central bank should be.

December 19/ The former president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has lashed out against allegations that he interfered with a government tender to procure new fighters.

Lula’s lawyers said he had no role in the selection of the Saab Gripen fighter jets in Decemberand obtained no illicit gains related to the deal. Custom Search Country Studies Index. Updated data, charts and expert forecasts on Brazil Inflation.

Get access to historical data and projections for Brazilian Average Consumer Price Inflation (CPI). Current inflation rate in Brazil: April data compared to previous months and years, overview, statistics and analytics.

The minimum wage is of extreme importance in Brazil, as over 48 million people have their wage calculated on the value of the minimum wage.

In this article, we will learn more about the minimum wage in Brazil, as well as different values for it in some states.

Brazil inflation
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