Case comment masroor ahmed v state nct

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Part II: Muslim Law

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Masroor Ahmed v. State (NCT of Delhi) 2008 (103) DRJ 137 (Del.)

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The learned Judge went on to make: Today, Darul Qazas can pronounce a talaq.

Controversy of The Divorce under Muslim Personal Law - An Overview

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Contemporary Scenario of Muslim Law In Triple Talaq-Jus Dicere

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Controversy of The Divorce under Muslim Personal Law - An Overview

Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 45 of Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 46 of Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 47 of Created Date: 6/27/ PM.

Masroor Ahmed v. State (NCT of Delhi) [ () DRJ (Del.)] Triple Talaq was held to be one revocable Talaq meaning that the divorce can be revoked at any time before the completion of a waiting period of 90 days (called Iddat) after which the marriage is dissolved.

State of U.P: AIR SC which was also a case arising out of an application for maintenance under section CrPC filed by a wife. To avoid the payment of maintenance, the husband had taken the plea in his written statement that he had already divorced her by pronouncing talaq. Jun 28,  · Masroor Ahmed v.

State (NCT of Delhi) () DRJ (Del.) Sl. No. 23 ——– Page No. BADAR DURREZ AHMED, J. 2. The case is unusual because of the facts which led to the registration of the FIR in complainant, Aisha Anjum, filed a written complaint at the police station on CASE COMMENT ON THE CONCEPT OF TRIPLE TALAQ UNDER THE MUSLIM LAW.

or download with email. CASE COMMENT ON THE CONCEPT OF TRIPLE TALAQ UNDER THE MUSLIM LAW. Download. CASE COMMENT ON THE CONCEPT OF TRIPLE TALAQ UNDER THE MUSLIM LAW. Uploaded by. Tarunya Rao. Masroor Ahmed RESPONDENT: State (NCT of Delhi) and Anr. According to Badar Durrez Ahmed, J. in Masroor Ahmed v.

State (NCT of Delhi) Masroor Ahmed v. State NCT of Delhi, SCC OnLine Del (SCC OnLine Del para 14).

Case comment masroor ahmed v state nct
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