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A young woman reads in a rocking chair, a soft summer storm and the oceans song her melody. she occasionally turns the page of her book, humming a familiar tune in the quiet calm of her cottage, perched atop a cliff by t. Rocking Chairs If you are looking for iconic American furniture, then you can incorporate a rocking chair into your interior design.

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Rocking chairs give you the ability to sway back and forth using the push and pull of your feet. These types of chairs look beautiful in any room of your home and are particularly relaxing. May 09,  · It’s the same chair I’ve sat in time after time with an aching back or sore feet from going all day long.

I’d finally take a moment to stop, to rock my little one, and that’s when I’d hear the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. Find great deals on eBay for old lady rocking chair. Shop with confidence.

The study showed that after a session of rocking therapy dementia sufferers felt less anxious, less depressed and more balanced. The rocking chair therapy also proved to be a promising innovative method for improving quality of life for care facility residents without having to rely on medication.

The old woman who hummed the tune of fur Elise as she watched us, rocking back and forth in that creaking rocking chair. He saw her too. He was the only person, other than me, who knew she existed.

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