Uncertainty reduction theory annotated bibliography

Uncertainty Reduction Theory

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Uncertainty Reduction Theory and Social Penetration Theory: Uncertainty reduction is a theoretical framework that seeks to understand the manner which people are able to reduce any uncertainty that occurs between them, during the early stages of interaction.

The results (i) provide a typology of expectation violations in close relationships, (ii) confirm that relationship violations vary in intensity, valence and effect on uncertainty, and (iii.

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Communication Uncertainty reduction is commonly used when conversing with a person and there is need for clarity. As such, one asks question regarding a certain element and observes while listening to the response given by the other party.

Jenny Bee 12/10/ Comm. /Bowman In this paper, I will briefly describe, and compare and contrast two theories discussed in the book, A First Look at the Communication Theory by Em Griffin: Uncertainty Reduction Theory and the Expectancy Violations Theory.

Uncertainty Reduction Theory Annotated Bibliography Uncertainty reduction theory annotated bibliography
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